Resurrection, BVA's debut solo album - In Stores Now!

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                TRACK LISTING

1. 1229 Sheffield

2. A Million Things

3. And Then You Went Away

4. Resurrection

5. Written and Erased

6. Mileage

7. When I'm Gone

8. Someone Like You

9. Second Hand

10. Hollywood Ending

11. To The Front Row Junkies

Resurrection, Brian Vander Ark's debut solo album is NOW available IN-STORES! Previously available only on-line and at live shows, the album is being released on Brash Records and features the first single "And Then You Went Away".
The album is now available at a record store near you as well as online through &
CLICK HERE to urchase Resurrection for only $9.98.

Ever wondered about the recording process involved with recording a major album such as Villains? Now you can get the inside scoop on the ups and downs, trials and tribulations associated with the production of this now platinum album. Read first hand the stories involved in its' production via Brian's own online Diary. You don't want to miss this!

Villains Diary...


BMG Heritage is releasing The Verve Pipe - Greatest Hits as a part of their Platinum and Gold Collection series. This album features a compilation of 12 of the best songs from Villains, The Verve Pipe and Underneath on RCA, along with a live version of 'Spoonful of Sugar', previously available only on the promotional 85 on 31 and on The Freshmen single released in Australia and Japan. It also includes a short history on the band.

Order it now at

At long last, the music video for Happiness is, produced by fellow piper J.P. Riley, is now online and available for viewing. Be sure you have Quicktime and head on over to J.P.'s site to check out this amazing video!
Check it out now at J.P.'s site -
Happiness Is...
(QT Movie)
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