The Verve Pipe - December 23rd, 2005 - The Intersection, Grand Rapids, MI

01. Drive You Mild (4:36)
02.Photograph (4:40)
03.Ominous Man (5:13)
04.Spoonful of Sugar (7:08)
05. The F Word (3:52)
06. I Want All of You (7:06)
07. Colorful (4:25)
08. Hero (3:55)
09. Cup of Tea (5:20)
10. Medicate Myself (6:17)
11. Happiness Is (7:23)

12. Veneer (6:13)
13. The Freshmen (4:46)
14. Blow You Away (3:39)
15. Never Let You Down (3:31)
16. Local Boys (4:56)
17. Take the Long Way Home (4:53)
18. Encore (1:13)
19. Villains (5:28)
20. Miles Away (5:30)
21. Bullies on Vacation* (11:23)
* w/ Magical Mystery Tour, Daytripper,
I Can See For Miles & Your Love

22. Santa Clause Is Coming To Town (6:10)

BVA - Aris' Disc Shop 5-31-03
Recorded by Carl in Grand Rapids

To the Front Row Junkies
1229 Sheffield
Gotta Move On
Brian Storytelling
Happiness Is

Brian on the Movie Biz
When I'm Gone
Cup of Tea
Brian's English Accent
The Freshmen

Maybe I'm amazed
And Then You Went Away
The Doors and Police Medley
Aris' Thank You

Donny Brown. Check out these RARE tracks by our own Donny B.

Track 1 - Donny w/ Ian Anderson of Jethro Tull
Track 2 - Driving Song 1
Track 3 - Driving Song 2

Doug Corella collaborates with Billionwatt on a song to be featured in the independent movie "Noise" slated for release in June of 2003. Check it out: Stress Disorder.

Check out the remake of a TVP Classic!

The Verve Pipe
Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds
The Rave, Milwaukee, WI 4-18-97
courtesy of Todd

The Verve Pipe
The Dream Police
Summerfest, Milwaukee, WI 6-30-99
courtesy of Todd
johnny with an eye.
mit kase

1 - ark of the envious
2 - watching me wanting you
3 - your newest phase
4 - from a mile ("twisting, shouting")
5 - the freshmen

courtesy of Ed McCardle and Brian Stark

The Freshmen, with GUS
The Verve Pipe
Chicago IL 2 July 99
- anon
Brian Vander Ark Sings the National Anthem
12 September 01
WDVD Brian Vander Ark Interview. July 02 - courtesy of Jade Rowley and Mike Grosshandler
5 files include conversation, Happiness Is, BVA improv/impersonations, Colorful.

interview 1
interview 2
interview 3

interview 4
interview 5
Exclusive MP3 of the WATER4THEPOOL track "Donny's Song"
- Mr. Brown's lead vocal debut - thanks to Metal-Ed
Jackson Community College 14 Jun 02 - courtesy of Mark Orr

1. Only Words
2. Photograph
3. Spoonful of Sugar
4. Happiness Is
5. Hero
6. Miles Away
7. Cup of Tea
8. Wonderful Waste
9. Villains

10. Medicate Myself
11. Never Let you Down
12. The Freshmen
13. Local Boys
14. Long Way Home
15. Out like a lamb
16. Acting as your slave
17. Bullies on Vacation
18. I am the Walrus

Second Hand
Someone Like You
Hollywood Ending

New music: BVA - Aris' Disc Shop 7.12.99
Recorded by Carl in Grand Rapids
Intro Cup of Tea
In Between Out like a Lamb
Generations Hero
Reverend Girl The Freshmen
Half a Mind Thank You

Drive You Mild - Early 1995 Version from a Japan Sony PlayStation Soundtrack

Knee Deep Shag "You Don't Bleed"
(produced by AJ Dunning)

19 Wheels "Surrender" (co-written by Donny Brown)

Flash way back to the "Pop Smear" Party again 12/9/93 for the Reggae version of ISAHI with "classic covers medley" intact! A true gem for all to enjoy. This vintage jam medley was discontinued after the "Pop Smear" tour so most "Pipeings" members never had the chance to hear it. Certainly a big part of The Verve Pipe's history.
ISAHI + Medley

January 27, 2002, marked the five year anniversary of the retail single release of "The Freshmen", The Verve Pipe's break through hit.
In honor of this big day, Ed unearthed "The Freshmen", from the Pop Smear Release Party, 12.9.93. Thanks ED!!!

The Freshmen
ISAHI Medley and The Freshmen courtesy of Ed McArdle
BVA LIVE - 11/12/99 - The Blind Pig, Ann Arbor, MI courtesy of Michael Grosvenor
1229 Sheffield
Reverend Girl

Kiss Me Idle

Pretty For You
Out Like A Lamb

Half A Mind
The Freshmen
Covers and More anon
Blue Beret

Drive You Mild - Rockline '97
In Between 3.10.97
Charlie in The Box

Photograph Studio Demo 1995

The Freshmen 1992 original

Pretty For You
Villains remix edit
The Freshmen 8.23.96

State Theater Kalamazoo 4.09.94


courtesy of Michael Grosvenor

Singles Remixed:

Hero (vocal up) anon
Television (remix)

Mustard Plug - The Freshmen

The House of Blues New Year's Eve Celebration 12.31.01
Only Words
Happiness Is
Spoonful of Sugar
I Want All of You
Cup of Tea
Wonderful Waste
Hotel California
Happy New Year
Never Let You Down
Medicate Myself
The Freshmen
Local Boys
Long Way Home
She has Faces
Love Lies Bleeding
CD Release Party, The Verve Pipe, Pontiac MI 5.19.99

In Between
The F Word
Kiss Me Idle
She Loves Everybody

Half A Mind
Drive You Mild
La La
The Freshmen
Cup of Tea
Glamourous Glue
Spoonful of Sugar

"Never Let You Down" Official Fan Video mpg 11 mb
courtesy of Jay Fleischmann

"Never Let You Down" Official Fan Video mpg 47 mb
courtesy of Jay Fleischmann

Jumper.mp3 5.2mb
Stephan Jenkins - Brian Vander Ark

"Wonderful Waste" on Dawson's Creek mpg 6.8 mb
courtesy of Steve Nagy


Only Words
Happiness Is
I Want All of You
Never Let You Down
She Loves Everybody
Out Like a Lamb
Medicate Myself
The Freshmen
Cup of Tea
Wonderful Waste
Long Way Home
21 Aug 2001

Michigan State Fair
Doug Corella 21 Aug 2001

Brian's Song 4.7mb
Monterrey 4.7mb

Wake Up 3.7mb
Xtc tribute album


AJ Dunning, Detroit, 21 Aug 2001


1229 Sheffield 3.8mb

Colorful 4.3mb

Generations 4.5mb

Hero 3.1mb

Photograph 3.8mb

Reverend Girl 4.0mb

The Freshmen 4.2mb
Sundance Film Festival 1999
Courtesy of Chris Brellis

The River 5.9mb

Veneer 6.4mb

Charlie In the Box 3.6mb

Photograph II 4.4mb
Courtesy of Jay Fleischmann


More Covers and FAN MP3s

Arranger: Phil Wood
Soloist: Phil Wood
Vocal Percussion: Iggy Wilson
Be One Again 3.7mb
Goodbye 2.5mb
White Dress 3.3mb

Michael Grosvenor
Train 2.7mb
Broken Faith
Troy Danniels

cover by Mike Grosshandler


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